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Our Salty little Brand

Boston's North Shore...(NAUT) Shore as we natives call it, is truly a wonderful place to live, visit or vacation. Our delightful coastline is dotted with famous restaurants, happening hotels and historic attractions, but it's the lifestyle of the locals which really adds flair and color to the breath taking beauty of our beaches and shores.  Steeped in History and draped in style, we here at The NAUT Shore are committed to celebrating our culture and extending your experience and memories with wearable keepsakes that run the gamut from timeless - to trendy!  


A rising tide...and a "Creative Compass" set for true North (NAUT).

Our goal is to put the "fun" in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; and our cleverly-crafted creations get noticed! They might provoke a smile..a flirtatious interaction...a fist bump or a friendship! yes, they are just that interesting and unique. We are 100% committed to bringing you cool, creative and culturally relevant clothing and branded items to enhance your connection to our Coast!  This is NOT your run of the mill- "SOUVENIR shirt", nor is it a somewhat ambiguous, and increasingly over saturated whale or dog...If you've seen whats out in the market, well you catch my drift;)


B.A. Peluso, Creator and BRANDfather

The year was 1976, it was our countries bicentennial and I was an eight-year-old boy growing up in Revere Massachusetts, the home of America’s first public beach.  

As an adventurous and imaginative kid,  I spent most of my days playing football, hockey and neighborhood games. But when summertime rolled around I was "anchored" to the ocean!

I’d jump out of bed at 6 AM, load up my knapsack, hop on my bike and head for the beach. I would ALWAYS take my stick ball bat which in essence was an old broken hockey stick.

That simple Stick was an integral tool in the development of what would become my life‘s work.

The bike ride was a quick 2 mile trek, but at eight years old it felt like a world away.  As I got close to the beach the smell of the salt air consumed me and transformed my thoughts. I’d  set my bike down, quickly kick off my sneakers, and take off with my stick for the wet sand.

I would use my trusty timber to draw gigantic pictures in the sand;  Sharks, Anchors, Yogi Bear, Fred Flintstone, the Boston Bruins logo...anything that came to my mind.

I recall the Old-timers who frequented the beach always walking down to see what that “kid with the stick” was drawing!

Over 40 years later that creative soul and sea loving spirit still longs to be by the shore any chance I get. 

Today my passion for the sea and love of the North Shore of Boston...or as we locals say (NAUT) Shore- has served as the inspiration for a new and exciting clothing collection. 

The NAUT shore is a smart and salty lifestyle brand that pays homage to this precious piece of paradise that I’ve been so lucky to call home.

Styles from fashionable- to fun -to festive await you, if you’re  a native, a tourist or just passing through, we’ve got something to stimulate your sense of SALTY STYLE. 

We are a unique and historic set of sea loving people, full of character, color and charisma...And we march to the beat of our own drum! And now The NAUT Shore is here to bang that drum...And start a revolution in NAUTical lifestyle apparel. 

B.A. Peluso, 

BRANDfather and CEO